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  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering: Experiences, Challenges, and Opportunities
    This article is about Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering: Experiences, Challenges, and Opportunities. It represents a paper published at a highly ranked HAWAII INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SYSTEM SCIENCES (HICSS). This paper was written with great help and supervision of prof. Viktoria Pammer-Schindler. Given … Read more
  • Kick-starting Your New Developer Job with these Essential Tips
    This article is about kick-starting your new developer job based on my experience gathered in multiple companies and projects. Read it, prepare well and you will do great! Table of Contents IntroductionSteps to kick-start your new developer jobCompanies one on one, or how stuff worksUnderstand … Read more
  • Enumerations in PHP 8.1 RFC
    PHP is getting more and more features. Enumerations in PHP are one of the latest proposals. Description for enumerations in PHP is described withing this request for comments Enumerations are built on top of classes and objects. That means, except where otherwise noted, “how would … Read more
  • What is Domain-Driven Design: The absolute beginners guide with examples
    This article is about domain-driven design, key concepts, vocabulary, and general ideas. I was motivated to write this article while attending the SymfonyWorld 2020 conference. Neal Brooks had an inspiring lecture “The absolute beginner’s guide to Domain Driven Design with Symfony”. You can use the … Read more
  • What’s new in PHP 8.0
    This article writes about what is new in PHP 8.0. These are personal notes related to Symfony UX, taken while attending the “Keynote: What’s new in PHP 8.0?” lecture by Nikita Popov at SymfonyWorld Online 2020. Table of Contents PHPJust in Time (JIT) CompilerAttributes Named … Read more
  • SymfonyWorld Online 2020, Conference notes
    Firstly, these are personal notes taken during SymfonyWorld Online. These will give you good insights of conference and interesting topics. This is not list of all topics, but the ones of which I took notes. You can use the Table of Contents for a quick … Read more
  • How to speedup WordPress website under 0.8s?
    How to speed up a WordPress website? This is a commonly asked question, with lots of different approaches and various experiences. A few months ago I have reactivated my personal blog. Yes, the one you are reading right now. I am trying to write high … Read more
  • Object pool design pattern in PHP, Learn design patterns
    This article with guide you through the object pool design pattern PHP, with theory explanation, and the practical example as well. Table of Contents Object Pool design pattern in PHPObject Pool Design Pattern PHP ExampleReferences Object Pool design pattern in PHP Object pool design pattern … Read more
  • Prototype design pattern, prototype pattern
    Prototype design pattern is used when we want to create one object which can be used as a template (prototype) for creation of some other objects. Prototype pattern is one of the creational patterns (because it indicates a way of how we create objects). Creational … Read more
  • Singleton design pattern in PHP, Learn design patterns
    This article with guide you through the singleton pattern in PHP, with theory explanation, and the practical example as well. Singleton design pattern is one of the first design patterns that is explained in any design patterns book or tutorial. Table of Contents Singleton Design … Read more
  • SymfonyCon 2019 Amsterdam, Conference notes
    This article is about SymfonyCon 2019 in Amsterdam. If you are interested in Symfony Conference 2020 Online, read all about it here. SymfonyCon 2019 is organized in Amsterdam this year. Borislav Lazendic and me are attending the conference between 19th to November 23rd of November. … Read more
  • 3D Robot in C++, 10 years ago 🙂
    Few days ago I stumbled upon an archive folder related to university days. I did a quick digging and found this 3D Robot in C++, written with a help of GLUT library. #nostalgia At that time, we had a great professor of Computer Graphic, dr. … Read more
  • How to cleanup WordPress header and gain speed
    How to cleanup WordPress header is one of the common questions people ask when they start optimizing their WordPress sites. Constantly investing time to speed up your WordPress and keep everything clean will have big benefits to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Furthermore, it will … Read more
  • Simple web scraper / crawler in Python
    Simple web scraper / crawler in Python is one basic coding example. Therefore, this example demonstrates on how to make program that grabs information from web pages. Furthermore, this data can be used for additional calculations. Reminder: If you need to brush up on your … Read more
  • Quick start with Python, code examples and exercises
    Quick start with Python: There is one big problem with programming courses for beginners.  They guide you trough the long introductions, history facts, lots of theory. Usually, most people simply quit before getting to the “good stuff”. Let us try a bit different approach. Table … Read more
  • TimeTac Connect – integration framework
    TimeTac Connect – integration framework is a custom made framework based on ETL concept. ETL means extract, transform and then load. Meaning, extract data from one system, transform it to a proper form and load it to some other system. It represents a baseline for … Read more
  • Automation of API documentation
    Automation of API documentation is project where we wanted to automate process of API documentation generation. Table of Contents Motivation for the automation of API documentationConcept of API documentation generatorImplementation of API documentation generatorResults and benefits Motivation for the automation of API documentation Before this … Read more
  • Content Time Management in WordPress
    Content Time Management in WordPress is important topic if you are producing content on regular basis. Basically, you might want to control a content on your web site in a specific way. In example, you might want to show some content only on weekends or … Read more
  • Clean Code Rules: Improve quality of your code
    Clean Code Rules is a proposal of common sense rules. They are easy to follow and can improve quality of your code. Therefore, if you work as a developers and architect, you should be aware of them. Here is a common use case. You are … Read more
  • Writing technical specifications and estimates
    Writing technical specifications is a very common requirement if you work as integrator, solution architect or technical manager. Usual process is quite simple. Management of your company want’s to introduce something new. For example, new feature of your software or user story. On the other … Read more
  • How to Learn a New Programming Language or Concept
    How to Learn a New Programming Language or Framework is a very common question. We all experience the same challenges when challenged with new technology. If you work as a software engineer you will always have to learn new stuff. For example, you will need … Read more
  • REST API tutorial – What is API? REST vs RESTful?
    REST is one common approach related to building web applications. It is one important term that all web application developers should understand. This is the main goal of this REST API tutorial. Furthermore, a good understanding of what is REST can be beneficial for other … Read more
  • Token based authentication and authorization with OAuth
    Open Authorization is commonly known as OAuth. This is an open standard for token based authentication and authorization on the internet. OAuth provides a way for third party services to use user related data without user password. Also, OAuth means additional security for user account. … Read more
  • PHP and Java projects with complete source code
    Firstly, thank you all for comments and ideas related to my revamped blog. Some of you asked me about PHP and Java projects with code samples which I had on my old blog. I have moved these code samples to git repositories while ago. Therefore, … Read more
  • GrazPHP Meetup, Year One
    One year ago, Borislav Lazendić and I started GrazPHP meetup. We wanted to create a small community of people who are interested in development and PHP subjects. Overall idea was to have periodical meetups. Therefore different lecturers would be able to share their knowledge and … Read more
  • Code Review Best Practices – Good, Bad and the Ugly
    This article is about the code review best practices. It explains code review from the common-sense perspective. If you do not want to read through the whole article take a look at the table of contents and the summary for a quick overview. Table of … Read more
  • Setting up proper JS and CSS minification
    Table of Contents What is the importance of setting up proper JS and CSS minification?Web site before JS and CSS minification and proper browser caching setupWeb site after minification and proper browser caching setupLet us compare these results in details What is the importance of … Read more
  • WordPress and WPML multilanguage
    WordPress and WPML multilanguage: While ago I had very interesting conversation with Joe Lobo from the WPML team. We had a short interview/conversation about creation of multilingual web sites in WordPress. Lately I had a several different inquiries about multilingual web sites from several friends … Read more
  • WorPress Security and Optimization
    Table of Contents WorPress Security and Optimization – Maintaining web sitesFirstly, let’s separate concernsWorPress Security and Optimization – In the beginningMaintenance Management and Typical Maintenance Tasks for WordPress web sitesWorPress Security and Optimization – Daily maintenance of WordPress web sitesAnti spam pluginsCleanup your WordPress headerPromoting … Read more
  • Content Time Management with WP Chrono
    Content Time Management with WP Chrono. We have just published a new version of #WordPress #plugin called WPChrono. ? This is a small plugin which enables you to control content of your WordPress post in time (a.k.a. Content Dripping).  WordPress already has a fantastic mechanism for publishing pages in … Read more
  • Optimize WordPress database with WPML in 7 steps
    This article gives you a brief overview of important topics related on how to optimize WordPress database with WPML. WordPress is a very popular content management system with a vast plugin ecosystem. When it comes to multi-language plugins leaders are TranslatePress, WPML, Polylang, MultilingualPress. Each … Read more
  • More traffic to your WordPress with Facebook
    You are interested in getting more traffic to your WordPress? There are several steps you can take. Thanks to my friend Andrea Lazic, for sharing this wonderful post with me.  Facebook is the supreme social network so it can help you a lot when it … Read more
  • Boosting your WordPress visits with Twitter
    Before you start with boosting your WordPress visits with Twitter, check if your WordPress header is optimized for best performance. Have you ever wondered how some people got all those engagements on their web sites, blogs, etc.? I bet you see all those bloggers becoming … Read more
  • Remove Posts and Pages from WordPress Search
    This article shows you how to remove posts and pages from WordPress search and improve the search experience of your site. If you are interested only in code snippets you can use Table of Content to navigate to that part right away. Otherwise, enjoy reading … Read more
  • ALT and TITLE tags for WordPress, Gravatars, improve SEO
    This article will introduce you to a simple way to add ALT and TITLE tags for Gravatars to your WordPress sites. This will help you to make your site a bit more search engine optimized. Table of Contents ALT and TITLE tagsWhat is Gravatar?Configure ALT … Read more
  • WordPress archive post limit: with example
    If you are having a personal or company blog, most likely you keep some kind of archive, with the possibility to configure the WordPress archive post limit. Why is WordPress archive post limit important? Let us talk about the chronological nature of blogging. This means … Read more