Kick-starting Your New Developer Job with these Essential Tips

Kick-starting Your New Developer Job with these Essential Tips

This article is about kick-starting your new developer job based on my experience gathered in multiple companies and projects. Read it, prepare well and you will do great! Introduction Kick-starting your new developer job is very important. Different teams will have different expectations, but essentially you will be expected to find your place in the … Read more

What is Domain-Driven Design: The absolute beginners guide with examples

What is domain driven design?

This article is about domain-driven design, key concepts, vocabulary, and general ideas. I was motivated to write this article while attending the SymfonyWorld 2020 conference. Neal Brooks had an inspiring lecture “The absolute beginner’s guide to Domain Driven Design with Symfony”. You can use the Table of Contents to get a quick overview of this … Read more

SymfonyWorld Online 2020, Conference notes

Firstly, these are personal notes taken during SymfonyWorld Online. These will give you good insights of conference and interesting topics. This is not list of all topics, but the ones of which I took notes. You can use the Table of Contents for a quick overview of the whole article and then read about what … Read more

Object pool design pattern in PHP, Learn design patterns

Object pool design pattern

This article with guide you through the object pool design pattern PHP, with theory explanation, and the practical example as well. Object Pool design pattern in PHP Object pool design pattern is a concept which essentially proposes the reuse of existing objects, instead of creating lots of new ones. It belongs to the category of … Read more

Prototype design pattern, prototype pattern

Prototype design pattern is used when we want to create one object which can be used as a template (prototype) for creation of some other objects. Prototype pattern is one of the creational patterns (because it indicates a way of how we create objects). Creational patterns are: Factory pattern, Abstract factory pattern, Singleton pattern, Prototype … Read more