WorPress Security and Optimization

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WorPress Security and Optimization – Maintaining web sites WorPress Security and Optimization is very important. Luckily, maintaining WordPress web sites became pretty simple and direct task. There is a great number of available themes, both free and premium. Furthermore there are plug-ins, parts of code, tutorials and experts who can program WordPress platform. This is making the … Read more

More traffic to your WordPress with Facebook

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You are interested in getting more traffic to your WordPress? There are several steps you can take. Thanks to my friend Andrea Lazic, for sharing this wonderful post with me.

 Facebook is the supreme social network so it can help you a lot when it comes to boosting your WordPress site. No matter how good your articles could be, if you don`t have an audience, they will go unnoticed.

We can help you with that, if you stay on this page and read our 5 best methods for driving traffic to your web site using Facebook.

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Boosting your WordPress visits with Twitter

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Before you start with boosting your WordPress visits with Twitter, check if your WordPress header is optimized for best performance.

Have you ever wondered how some people got all those engagements on their web sites, blogs, etc.? I bet you see all those bloggers becoming super successful in gathering audience for their work. Yet again you simply don`t know where to start. We have some cool ideas for you.

One of the most popular ways for boosting your WordPress web sites on social media is Twitter.

Of course, now you think how it is pretty impossible for you to find your place on that platform.

Furthermore  if you have good content, only sky is the limit. These few tips we have for you proved to be very efficient for us, so now it`s all up to you 🙂

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Remove Posts and Pages from WordPress Search

This article shows you how to remove posts and pages from WordPress search and improve the search experience of your site. If you are interested only in code snippets you can use Table of Content to navigate to that part right away. Otherwise, enjoy reading the whole article. Introduction WordPress search is one interesting and … Read more