Enumerations in PHP 8.1 RFC

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PHP is getting more and more features. Enumerations in PHP are one of the latest proposals. Description for enumerations in PHP is described withing this request for comments Enumerations are built on top of classes and objects. That means, except where otherwise noted, “how would Enums behave in situation X” can be answered “the same … Read more

What is Domain-Driven Design: The absolute beginners guide with examples

What is domain driven design?

This article is about domain-driven design, key concepts, vocabulary, and general ideas. I was motivated to write this article while attending the SymfonyWorld 2020 conference. Neal Brooks had an inspiring lecture “The absolute beginner’s guide to Domain Driven Design with Symfony”. You can use the Table of Contents to get a quick overview of this … Read more

What’s new in PHP 8.0

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This article writes about what is new in PHP 8.0. These are personal notes related to Symfony UX, taken while attending the “Keynote: What’s new in PHP 8.0?” lecture by Nikita Popov at SymfonyWorld Online 2020. PHP PHP is constantly improving, adding optimizations and new features. Developers working in the PHP world should welcome these … Read more

SymfonyWorld Online 2020, Conference notes

Firstly, these are personal notes taken during SymfonyWorld Online. These will give you good insights of conference and interesting topics. This is not list of all topics, but the ones of which I took notes. You can use the Table of Contents for a quick overview of the whole article and then read about what … Read more

WorPress Security and Optimization

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WorPress Security and Optimization – Maintaining web sites WorPress Security and Optimization is very important. Luckily, maintaining WordPress web sites became pretty simple and direct task. There is a great number of available themes, both free and premium. Furthermore there are plug-ins, parts of code, tutorials and experts who can program WordPress platform. This is making the … Read more