Kick-starting Your New Developer Job with these Essential Tips

Kick-starting Your New Developer Job with these Essential Tips

This article is about kick-starting your new developer job based on my experience gathered in multiple companies and projects. Read it, prepare well and you will do great! Introduction Kick-starting your new developer job is very important. Different teams will have different expectations, but essentially you will be expected to find your place in the … Read more

Enumerations in PHP 8.1 RFC

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PHP is getting more and more features. Enumerations in PHP are one of the latest proposals. Description for enumerations in PHP is described withing this request for comments Enumerations are built on top of classes and objects. That means, except where otherwise noted, “how would Enums behave in situation X” can be answered “the same … Read more

REST API tutorial – What is API? REST vs RESTful?

rest api tutorial what is api rest vs restfull

REST is one common approach related to building web applications. It is one important term that all web application developers should understand. This is the main goal of this REST API tutorial. Furthermore, a good understanding of what is REST can be beneficial for other stakeholders as well. Introduction to the REST API This article … Read more

Code Review Best Practices – Good, Bad and the Ugly

This article is about the code review best practices. It explains code review from the common-sense perspective. If you do not want to read through the whole article take a look at the table of contents and the summary for a quick overview. What is a code review process? Code review exists to prevent bugs … Read more

Setting up proper JS and CSS minification

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What is the importance of setting up proper JS and CSS minification?

What is a JS and CSS minification? Minification actually means removing all the unnecessary parts from your code in order to reduce bandwidth and load your site faster. Also, minification is usually related to combining larger number of similar documents into one which results in reducing a number of requests.

Minifying your code removes:

  • Comments
  • New line characters
  • White space characters
  • Block delimiters

There are large number of plugins for JS and CSS minification, and large number of blog posts that explain various techniques to do this.

On the other hand, there are no actual stats on real web sites to show positive effects of proper minification.

We decided to do a small experiment, on our web site, and this post is simply presenting the actual results.

Note: It’s important to understand that there is no substitute for proper maintenance of your web site.

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