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I am a Software developer and Enterprise Architect who contributed to companies and products such as Codeable, TimeTac, apilayer, and Eversign.

I write articles about software development, business processes, soft skills, and self-improvement. These articles are based on my work and education experience, crunched with interesting things I read or encounter. It is 101 knowledge sharing and I am certain this will be useful for you.

If you are part of a business that develops or works closely with software development teams, these are the topics you want to read about. However, like everything in life, take my experience for what it is, just one more experience. Learn and make takeaways based on it but always form your own opinion.

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  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering: Experiences, Challenges, and Opportunities
    This article is about Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering: Experiences, Challenges, and Opportunities. It represents a paper published at a highly ranked HAWAII INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SYSTEM SCIENCES (HICSS). This paper was written with great help and supervision of prof. Viktoria Pammer-Schindler. Given article and paper might be relevant for you as … Read more
  • Kick-starting Your New Developer Job with these Essential Tips
    This article is about kick-starting your new developer job based on my experience gathered in multiple companies and projects. Read it, prepare well and you will do great! Introduction Kick-starting your new developer job is very important. Different teams will have different expectations, but essentially you will be expected to find your place in … Read more
  • Clean Code Rules: Improve quality of your code
    Clean Code Rules is a proposal of common sense rules. They are easy to follow and can improve quality of your code. Therefore, if you work as a developers and architect, you should be aware of them. Here is a common use case. You are finished with writing your technical specifications and estimates. Now … Read more
  • Writing technical specifications and estimates
    Writing technical specifications is a very common requirement if you work as integrator, solution architect or technical manager. Usual process is quite simple. Management of your company want’s to introduce something new. For example, new feature of your software or user story. On the other hand, you might have to integrate external API to … Read more
  • REST API tutorial – What is API? REST vs RESTful?
    REST is one common approach related to building web applications. It is one important term that all web application developers should understand. This is the main goal of this REST API tutorial. Furthermore, a good understanding of what is REST can be beneficial for other stakeholders as well. Introduction to the REST API This … Read more